Event Details

Date: 8/2/2014
Location: Citi Field, Queens
Schedule: 3:00pm Registration; 4:00pm Walk Start ; 4:45pm Post Walk Celebration; 7:10pm Mets vs. Giants game begins
Course Route: Walk around Citi Field
Contact: Nora Ouamani

About Walk With Me New York 2014

Join hundreds of passionate Easter Seals New York supporters on August 2nd as we host our annual Walk With Me event!  The day will be filled with free activities, music, prizes, and more to support children and adults with disabilities and special needs!

Remember, 90 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to the programs in your community to help people with disabilities to live, learn, work and play.

For the first time, Walk With Me New York will be held at CitiField! Thanks to our friends at the Mets each individual participant who raises $150 will receive ONE ticket to see the New York Mets take on the San Francisco Giants on Saturday August 2nd! Want to bring a friend? If you raise $250 you get not ONE, but TWO tickets to the game. ONLY 1,000 TICKETS AVAILABLE!


  1. Participants must be registered before Friday, July 25th on the Walk With Me New York website in order to be eligible for any Mets-related incentives.
  2. All cash, check, and money order donations must be postmarked to Easter Seals New York by Thursday, July 24, 2014 in order to qualify for Mets-related incentives. Cash, check, and money orders submitted on the day of the walk will NOT be considered valid for Mets-related incentives.
  3. All credit card donations must be confirmed on the Walk With Me New York website no later than 11:59 pm on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 in order to qualify for Mets-related incentives.
  4. Donors who made financial contributions to the walk are not eligible for game tickets unless they are registered walk participants.

To be eligible for game tickets, donations can be made by credit card, cash, check or money orders. Participants will be awarded ONE game ticket for $150 raised or TWO game tickets for $250 raised and credited to that individual on his or her Walk With Me page.

Walk With Me New York 2014
Make a gift!
77 percent of goal achieved.
Top Teams
  1. Team Scavone - $10,350.00
  2. CVS R18D4 - $8,912.09
  3. P - Team (NY) - $8,048.01
  4. CVS R18D5 - $7,333.00
  5. CVS R18D7 - $6,359.00
  6. Team IDB - $5,772.00
  7. CityMD NY - $5,575.00
  8. Wilson Elser - $4,789.00
  9. BWW - Team Gala - $4,763.00
  10. Easter Seals NY - $3,960.00
Top Walkers
  1. Sam Scavone - $8,800.00
  2. James Dibenedetto - $4,789.00
  3. . Store 2047 - $3,222.00
  4. Nelly Nunez - $2,202.29
  5. Barry Karen - $2,020.00
  6. Kevin Carey - $1,670.00
  7. Maria Garcia - $1,660.00
  8. Tina Rinaldi - $1,585.00
  9. Hayrim Byun - $1,500.00
  10. Brendan Leavy - $1,450.00

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