Meet your Honorary Ambassadors

When you register for Walk With Me, you won't just receive the typical race number, wristband or t-shirt. You will be partnered with an Easter Seals honorary ambassador, a person with a disability who has benefited from Easter Seals services. You'll get to know your ambassador through photos and personal stories. And on event day, you'll even have the chance to meet your honorary ambassador!

Walk with Gus


Three-year-old “Gus” (August) has come a long way from the two-year-old toddler who was “lost in his own world.” Gus’ parents recognized that he was exhibiting some developmental delays. After wishing and waiting for him to “catch up” with his peers and twin brother, Max, a family friend suggested parents Christine and Eric contact Easter Seals. The agency provided Gus--diagnosed as having mild Autism Spectrum Disorder-- with speech therapy three times a week. Gus loved his therapy, and it didn’t take long before his progress was noticed by everyone. Gus sang songs, said hello and goodbye, started articulating his wants and needs, and most important, began to call his parents “Mama and Daddy.” Gus’ parents are thankful for the support they received from Easter Seals and say they are now hopeful about his future.



Walk with Sam


“Sam” (Samantha) is a smart, sweet and talkative girl attending our Wauwatosa After-School Program. The 16-year-old red-head can usually be found snuggled in a corner, tiny glasses perched on her nose, hungrily reading any book she can find about mermaids. Biology is Sam’s favorite topic at Wauwatosa East High School. She is animated when talking to her best friend, Destiny, about her tabby cat and future career plans in obstetrics.

Sam enrolled in camp at Wil-O-Way Underwood for six summers and recently signed up as a participant at Holler Park’s Recreation Center. Holler Park’s spacious, deep pool allows Sam to swim under water, pretending to be Ariel, Disney’s Little Mermaid. Sam’s father says the availability of Easter Seals programs means that he and his wife are able to hold full-time jobs and know that Sam is being well taken care of.




Walk with John

Milwaukee 2008 Honorary Ambassador John

John has a long history with Easter Seals. As a child, John attended the Easter Seals camp for children at Holler Park. Now at age 45, John is involved in year round Adult Recreation at Easter Seals, and even attended Camp Wil-O-Way for the first time in the summer of 2007. John enjoys activities such as crafts, cooking, painting, and going out for walks in the park. John attends programs not only for the recreation opportunities, but for the companionship he has with his peers.

John is very outgoing and puts forth his best effort in everything he does.
He is excited to participate in Walk With Me. He hasn’t done anything like this before, but he is no stranger to supporting Easter Seals as a donor over the years. John is happy that his participation in the Walk will help raise awareness and funds for the programs at Easter Seals that he enjoys so much.




Walk with Delaney

Milwaukee 2008 Honorary Ambassador Delaney

Delaney is very excited to be part of this year’s WALK WITH ME! This thirteen year-old has been a part of Easter Seals Kindcare’s Summer Respite Camp in Waukesha for the last few years. At camp, Delaney enjoys an active summer filled with dances, swimming, and field trips. She loves showing off a favorite collage of photos and memories having fun with friends at camp.

Her camp counselors say that Delaney is always helpful and attentive to the needs of her peers at camp, and they rely on her to assist at times with other campers that need more attention. The Waukesha Summer Respite Camp is made up of children and teens with disabilities, who often have very pervasive needs. Delaney’s mom loves that Delaney has a chance to express herself at camp and is learning how to be a leader, while making friends at Easter Seals. Her mom also appreciates the respite and extended care options that camp offers for busy families, like theirs!